Monday, January 15, 2007

Other Sources of Light

Welcome to
Other Sources of Light

OSOL is an ongoing series of paintings created
and inspired by the human spirit.

Before painting a portrait for OSOL, I research each person.
I seek qualities such as wisdom, spirituality, kindness, gratitude
and overall essence. I then paint those that exemplify conviction
and purpose by way of their compassion and commitment, to and
for the human existence.

I believe the soul is a reflection of a much greater source and
that the eyes are the mirrors of that source. As an artist, I wanted to
translate this reality to canvas.
To accomplish this, I decided to paint
familiar individuals to serve as a catalyst.

These paintings are my
tribute to them for making the world a better
place. I hope your reflections bring you a moment of pause
as you connect with yourself.

Please note that the OSOL portrait were painted in no
particular order. The actual size of each painting
is 18"x24" (copyrights pending).

I will be adding new portraits as they are completed so please visit often.

Thank you,
~Anonymous Artist~

Oprah Winfrey, Anthony Hopkins, Maya Angelou,

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